Birth Preparation Stockholm

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Birth Preparation Stockholm – we are passionate about providing you with the latest knowledge and to give you tools for a confident and secure birth and for the first weeks with your newborn baby.

We only work with skilled professionals; midwifes and paediatric nurses.

Labour Preparation Course – is our English version of “Förlossningskursen”. You will learn all about giving birth in a Swedish hospital.

Lamaze Class – focus is on breathing (you own superpower), relaxation, mental preparation and how the partner can become a great support during birth.

Baby Care Class – all you need to know about a newborn baby.

Breastfeeding Class – all studies show that having good knowledge about breastfeeding prior to birth will enhance the chances to establish a successful breastfeeding. This class will for sure give you increased knowledge.

Prenatal Yoga – a fantastic way to prepare for birth and to strengthen your body during pregnancy.